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Palenque (unearthing Ancient Worlds)

Palenque unearthing Ancient Worlds

Twenty-First Century Books (CT)

ISBN: 0822575043
Author: Deborah Kops

The author is Deborah Kops and the publisher is Twenty-First Century Books (CT). This children's book was released on the 1st of March, 2008. Those who are within the library you can most certainly search for it using the classification code, F1435.1.P2 K66 2008. The book has 80 pages and it is packed with colorfully illustrated artwork. It focuses on Antiquities and Excavations.

Mysterious ancient ruins, hidden deep in the jungle of southern Mexico. Who built this city? In May 1840, explorers John Stephens and Frederick Catherwood road their mules along a steep, muddy jungle path. By this time, he knew the ruins were those of the ancient Maya, who lived across Mexico and Central America more than one particular thousand years ago. The questions remained largely unanswered till the 1950s, when Mexican archaeologist Alberto Ruz Lhuillier started his function at Palenque. In the weeks they spent there, the men discovered intricately designed buildings and mysterious glyphs, or symbols. What did the glyphs mean? Through intensive study of Mayan glyphs, they learned the tomb was that of the great Mayan king Pakal, who died in 683 A. D. Since then, archaeologists have discovered considerably much far a lot more about Mayan pyramids, writing, and architecture. Palenque! Through the trees, they spied the remains of a crumbling stone palace. After exhaustive work, Ruz and his crew created an amazing discovery--a tomb buried deep inside a pyramid. They were hoping to locate the ruins of an ancient, deserted site in Mexico they knew only from visitors' accounts. Read this intriguing volume to discover about Palenque and in regards to the mysteries that still stay.


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