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Mexico The People (lands, Peoples, And Cultures)

Mexico The People

Crabtree Pub Co

MPN: FBA-|320191
ISBN: 0778796620
Author: Bobbie Kalman

Those who are looking to buy a child's book I have assembled some info. Mexico The People is a wonderful child's book. The author is Bobbie Kalman and the publisher is Crabtree Pub Co. This was released on the 30th of October, 2008. This is the Rev. ed. of the children's book is 32 pages long and it is filled with exquisitly colored illustrations.

Four new nations and nine updated editions have been added to Bobbie Kalman's popular Lands, Peoples, and Cultures series. It also allows far more students to perform on distinct projects in the identical time. Covering over standard background and geography, students is going to be fascinated to learn about: Presented in a mini series format, three books per country ensures thorough coverage of all of the vital elements. These powerful and intimate portraits of countries use up-to-date info and full-color photography.


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