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Hwys. Aztec (how Would You Survive? )

Hwys Aztec

Children's Press(CT)

ISBN: 0531153045
Author: Fiona Mc Donald / Fiona Mac Donald

The author is Fiona Mc Donald / Fiona Mac Donald and it was published around March of 1997 by Children's Press(CT). The child's book is 48 pages long. We want you to get the best price and service when selecting a children's book. Please, click on the shopping cart link.

In this book, the reader is transported down a"time tunnel"to Aztec times, asked to choose an identity and given data on all components of life in that time in an original, interactive way. This book is part of a series designed and designed by David Salariya. A wide range of titles is planned for the series which will bring new life and interest into history for readers of all ages. A rating is given at the end from the book to view no matter whether the reader really would have survived. A colour poster is included inside the jacket.


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