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The Aztecs (understanding People In The PAST/2ND Edition)



ISBN: 1403487553
Author: Rosemary Rees

Explains the various elements of the Aztecs, including their history, daily life, religion, cooking and eating, trading and transportation, and more.
The author is Rosemary Rees and it was published by Heinemann. The book was available on bookshelves on the 7th of July, 2006. Those who are in the library you can probably look it up using the Dewey Decimal number, F1219.73.R43 2006. This version is the Rev. and updated. of Aztecs has 64 pages and it has superbly colored illustrations of maps. The child's book emphasizes Indians of Mexico and Aztecs.

How do we know about the ancient Aztecs? How was the Aztec gamed named tlachtli like our game of basketball? This book explains how the Aztec people lived by describing their government, social customs, religion, and some elements of their history. How did the Aztecs write? What were the floating gardens of Lake Texcoco?


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